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My name is Dr. Peter Polgár and I am a Lawyer.

I started my career as a prosecutor in 1987 at Szeged Court, then I worked for Veszprém County Court. After passing the qualification exam with an excellent result, I started to work for a corporate enterprise in Veszprém, first as a counsellor, legal advisor and then as a member of the management.

In 1995, I opened my own law office in the centre of Veszprém. I provide wide range of legal services for private individuals and also for companies, associations.

I have extensive knowledge and the breadth of experience in the fields related to real estate development as well as corporate law, contracts, financial law, and private law, administrative law and tax law. I aim to develop optimal solution for emerging problems by taking into account both legal and business considerations.

My main aim is to provide high quality standard services for my Clients, in order to help them in their successful business and/or private activities. I put the emphasis onto efficient legal representation, satisfactory solutions, and to constructive help in their everyday or ad hoc legal problems.

Satisfactory fulfilment of my cases is ensured by my colleagues' high qualification and their commitment to their profession (accountants, auditors, financial consultants, etc.).

The positive acknowledgement of my work is indicated by my Clients continuous trust, their return with other problems, by my colleagues' asking me to give professional advice, opinion even from the other part of the country.

It is obvious that I am not able to solve every kind of problems, however, I am continuously striving for excellence, for gaining more knowledge and for serving my Clients according to their needs.

Dr. Polgár Péter

ügyvéd Veszprém

In accordance to the Hungarian professional ethics and rule 2 / 2001 (IX. 3.) of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Bar Association, the content of an attorney's web pages can neither publicize, nor announce their fee schedule.
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