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My office operates on the following fields of LAW:

  • Family law
  • Civil law:
    • preparation of and consultancy regarding contracts between various business entities and other documents
    • legal representation in trials and other procedures in front of court
    • legal representation in arbitration procedures
    • contract law
    • inheritance law
  • Criminal law:
    • Legal representation in offence procedures - defence of those who committed the offence or enforcement of aggrieved party's claims
    • Legal defence in criminal procedures from the investigation phase to the possible best outcome for the Client
  • Property law:
    • General legal assistance of property investments
    • Establishment and legal representation of condominiums
    • Assistance of the sales of new residential properties
    • Assistance in various other property transactions such as sales, leases, mortg
    • Tract formation
    • Preparation of organizational and operational instructions
    • Country planning
    • Consultancy in tax and due issues
    • Property registration procedures
  • Administrative law:
    • Legal representation in court revision of administrative resolutions
    • Consultancy in taxes, dues, build procedures and other administrative issues
  • Labour law:
    • Consultancy in labour law issues (labour contract, dismissals, etc.)
    • Establishing and dissolve employment and other working relations
    • Labour agreements, contracts
    • Elaboration of labour regulations, audits
    • Preparing employer and employee instructions, consultation
    • Legal representation in labour troubles (at court or at reconciliation procedures)
    • Labour agreements for company management
    • Preparation of collective agreements and consultancy
  • Civic, social and non-profit associations:
    • Establishing foundations, associations, sport clubs, etc.
    • Working out internal regulation systems
    • Preparing deeds of foundation
    • Preparation of agreements with authorities
  • Company law :
    • Establishment and administering the data changes of companies
    • Establishment of branch offices and representative offices of foreign companies in Hungary
    • Capital increase and capital decrease of companies
    • Transformation of companies
    • Liquidation of companies
    • Preparing articles of associations and corporation bye-laws
    • Internal regulations
    • Due diligence for companies
    • Assistance of the establishment of foundations and associations
  • Furthermore:
    • Supervision or leading of general meetings, business meetings, staff assembly
    • Legal representation of condominiums
    • Continuous legal consultancy for companies
    • Legal consultancy for private individuals
    • Legal representation in other type of trials
    • Title deed and Copy of the Register on site, immediately

ügyvéd Veszprém

In accordance to the Hungarian professional ethics and rule 2 / 2001 (IX. 3.) of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Bar Association, the content of an attorney's web pages can neither publicize, nor announce their fee schedule.
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